Competition Entries

Carrying new sustainable habits forward through pedagogy

This design intervention takes forward the learning of the newfound importance of clean air and the desire to spend time outdoors during COVID-19. It promotes the continuation of reduced automobile…

By Akashleena Chaudhuri, M.Arch ’22



This proposal provides new primary entry ways to the School of Architecture, while activating outdoor spaces adjacent to Watt Hall for collaboration, study, teaching, and making. Four interior zones can…

By JP Luikart, M. Arch. ‘21; Louise Rogier, M. Arch. ‘21



The project starts from a critical review of our existing environment, where we aim to fulfill a vision where spaces created are impermanent and community-driven. We have identified particular nodes…

By Geoffrey Li, B.Arch ’23; Thomas Wang, B.Arch ’23; Ian Leung, B.Arch ’23; Zhijie Jin, B.Arch ’23



Float introduces an alternative layout for Watt Hall’s third floor, trying to answer the question of how to rebuild a vibrant community after months of quarantine while satisfying the social…

By Gaoge Yang, M.Arch ’21; Hieu Phung, M.Arch ’21; Zhijin Shen, M.Arch ’21


Form Follows Infection

A proposal to USC School of Architecture’s response to COVID-19 planning for the now, the near, and the future. Holding true to USCA’s philosophy of cultivating citizen architects that generate…

By Alexa Blanchet, B’Arch ’21; Amanda Moore, B. Arch ’21; Lara Mendez, B.Arch ’21


Interweaving Archit Utopia

Interweaving Archit Utopia is a reformation design intended to create a new inspiring dream school for students learning and sharing. By creating more multi-functional space, connecting existed halls, and providing…

By Yilu Chen, M.Arch ’21; Siyi Xie, M.Arch ’21



In seeking an atmosphere of peace and protection in our return to campus, we shift our learning environment outside into the open areas around the School of Architecture. Koza is…

By Tara Akdora, M.Arch ’22; Katelyn Lentz, M.Arch ’22



We redesigned the Watt hall from three different approaches, increasing circulation routes, allow better air ventilation and divide up the studios into smaller rooms in order to prevent the spreading…

By Weilan Chen, B.Arch ’23; An An Lee, BSAS,’22; Yuanyang Zhou, B. Arch ’23; Zheng Cao, B.Arch ’23


Open: Air

Wear a mask. Communicate. Stay in the open air.

By Vinisha Narendran, M.Arch ’21; Candice Suh, M.Arch ’21; Mike Clarke, M.Arch ’21



future office is not about complex nuance of space but the seamless transition between VR and PR. P(A)V superimposes VR onto PR by creating a carbon-copy based on reality using…

By Masih Barin, M.Arch ’21


Plasmid DIVS

With the unruly spread of COVID-19, PLASMID divisions provide circulation control and prevent close physical interaction through a snaking, transparent barrier and integrated desk system. At the floor level, this…

By Anushka Kantak, M.Arch ’21; Shicheng Xiong, M.Arch ’22 ; Chelsea Heckenkamp, M.Arch ’21; Apurva Ravi, M.Arch ’21



As the COVID-19 age can not pass in one minute, we are aiming to create a space that people can communicate with one another by taking safety as the premise….

By Haodong Pan, M.Arch ’21; Hiu Ching Pinky Lam, M.Arch ’21


Reworking the Laser Cutting Procedure

This a proposal to rework the procedure of Laser Cutting at the USC School of Architecture. Laser Cutting is quite an essential service for the USC Architecture students. However, the…

By Darwin Hu, B.Arch ’22; Noah Seador, B.Arch ’22



The unprecedented pandemic happening in 2020 has forced people to reconsider the status quo and to adapt to the isolated lifestyle. However, in this project “Shield(t)able “, as architecture students,…

By Sixue He, M.Arch ’21; Shengtong Xie, M.Arch ’21


Space Jam

We challenge the idea that technology is a primary factor that contributes to a collaborative work environment. Technology does have the ability to distance us from people around us creating…

By Chizoba Ibeanusi, M.Arch ’22; Desi Petkova, M.Arch ’21



The USC School of Architecture is re-imagined as a fluid, transparent, and multi-directional social networking of exterior spaces. This allows us to address previous and contemporary spatial issues within the…

By Heidy Garcia, B.Arch ’22; Ceci Stratton, B.Arch ’22; Clara Diogo, B.Arch ’22; Stephanie Saunders, B.Arch ’22


Systematic and Adaptable Workspace

To bring students back to campus and into the studio, this project proposes an updated architecture work desk that acts as a modular unit to create more varied design to…

By Jose L. Flores, B.Arch ’24


Tectonic Transparency

Tectonic Transparency re-imagines the ground floor of Harris Hall, creating a new, innovative and safe learning environment for students to thrive in, which follows new CDC health code COVID-19 recommendations….

By Katherine Poletti, B.Arch ’21; Katie Hayes B.Arch ’21; Yiwei Lyu, B.Arch ’21; Abriannah Aiken, B.Arch ’21


the Connecting Ribbon

To provide SOA students a spacious studio with sufficient sunlight, we aim to minimize indoor partitions and maximize the flexibility by our customized furniture. We plan to connect the first…

By Xueting Yu, M.Arch ‘22; Zhuoxuan Yang, M.Arch ‘22; Nengjing Li, M.Arch ‘22; Zhanzhuorui Zhang, M.Arch ‘22



Where should we go? Adjust our normal life and space in accordance with the speed of COVID-19? Or we could choose to leave a glimmer of possibility to back to…

By He Xinran, M.Arch ’21; Chen Meiyi, M.Arch ’21; Shu Xin, M.Arch ’21


Virtual Extension

The project is about using technology to bring the “accidental events” back to campus, providing a more open and communication-encouraging environment.

By Jiawei Ji, M.Arch ‘21