Team 1928

By Gaoge Yang, M.Arch '21; Hieu Phung, M.Arch '21; Zhijin Shen, M.Arch '21

Academic Level:

Faculty Mentor(s): John Dutton

Float introduces an alternative layout for Watt Hall’s third floor, trying to answer the question of how to rebuild a vibrant community after months of quarantine while satisfying the social distancing requirement for COVID-19 and to be adaptable for the post-pandemic use. We created a mezzanine with an organic form to reduce the density of the studio space and create a vibrant and cozy environment with extensive public space. To support the mezzanine, we built a field of columns to which each working station is attached and can rotate around freely. This field of columns blurs the boundary of studio space and public spaces producing different rather than uniformity. The placement of the working stations is based on a single unit within a 12*12 ft grid which organically grows into a studio and then a big community. It provides freedom of movement and flexibility of arrangement and intrigues communication within each studio and among different programs on the third floor.