Team 1936

By Weilan Chen, B.Arch '23; An An Lee, BSAS,'22; Yuanyang Zhou, B. Arch '23; Zheng Cao, B.Arch '23

Academic Level:

Faculty Mentor(s): Rob Berry

We redesigned the Watt hall from three different approaches, increasing circulation routes, allow better air ventilation and divide up the studios into smaller rooms in order to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. The The building is open on all sides consisting 8 units, each of them have an individual entrance. Each studio has 4-5 different height which provides better air ventilation and prevent gathering. The four facades are made with semi-transparent skin. It uses perforated plastic boards, the benefits of this material are that it could brings fresh air and sunlight in. Due to the pandemic, students and teachers have to be separated, but because of the transparency of this material, people could still see each other and feel the connection.