12th Annual USC Architectural Guild Charrette

This year’s challenge theme was Media Incubator Center for Creative Content. The challenge for fourth-year, fifth-year, and graduate students was two-fold: providing a place for the development of creative content including film, video, music, props, sets, costumes, and all the spaces required for producing creative content for a community of creative practitioners.

The Baldwin Backlot

12th Annual Design Charrette – The Baldwin Backlot

By Annabelle Asali, Sophia Sabini-Leite, Woody Chiang


The Bar

12th Annual Design Charrette – The Bar

By Francesca Picard, Isabelle Dabrowski, Anthony Quiroz


Curtain Call

12h Annual Design Charrette – Curtain Call

By Danny Yoo, Yihan Wang, Thomas Wang


The Stage

12th Annual Design Charrette – The Stage

By Saloni Pandit, Anna Avdalyan, Yasmeen Tizani


Open Source Marlton

12th Annual Design Charrette – Open Source Marlton

By Poorva Choudhary, Thishya Rao, Joshua Ryan