the Connecting Ribbon

Team 1933

By Xueting Yu, M.Arch ‘22; Zhuoxuan Yang, M.Arch ‘22; Nengjing Li, M.Arch ‘22; Zhanzhuorui Zhang, M.Arch ‘22

Academic Level:

To provide SOA students a spacious studio with sufficient sunlight, we aim to minimize indoor partitions and maximize the flexibility by our customized furniture. We plan to connect the first to third floor with a smooth, open ramp to bring more nature to the concrete structure. The customized continuous ribbon-shape table gives students freedom to decide how much working space they want to occupy and how many people they want to work with. By putting the review space in between the ramp and the studio, we encourage every student passing by also join into the review session. In addition, studio for model making is separate from other area, and is on the first floor equipped with multi-functional desk, considering of its dust and noise.