Interweaving Archit Utopia

Team 1920

By Yilu Chen, M.Arch '21; Siyi Xie, M.Arch '21

Academic Level:

Interweaving Archit Utopia is a reformation design intended to create a new inspiring dream school for students learning and sharing. By creating more multi-functional space, connecting existed halls, and providing additional opportunities, the school of architecture is transformed to be a cradle of master architects. The gallery bridge is the key design of the project which adopts the relevant concept in function, aesthetics, structure, and sustainability, becoming a traffic connection of multidimensional space and gathering space for student interaction. The bridge can span east-west and connect Watt hall and Harris hall, recombine the multiple exhibit space, communicating space and hallways and achieve a multi-elevation conversion. Furthermore, the design of high performance glazed lobby at the center is an expression of modernity and futurism. Here, students with different cultural background are invited to share their ideas. Space are created to maximize flexibility of school schedule, and life are enriched with dreams and crazy thoughts.