Team 1915

By Sixue He, M.Arch '21; Shengtong Xie, M.Arch '21

Academic Level:

The unprecedented pandemic happening in 2020 has forced people to reconsider the status quo and to adapt to the isolated lifestyle. However, in this project “Shield(t)able “, as architecture students, we try to find an architectural/furniture solution that could be implemented into the future campus or office design, providing people with a safe, efficient, and thought-stimulated working environment with the minimum change of the existing structure.

The foldable device is designed to be easily shipped and delivered around LA by truck. The systematic design offers more than 8 ways to arrange a studio to meet different needs including individual working space, desk critique, small group critique, exhibition, lecture and so on. The foldable screen can not only be used as a shield for maintaining social distance, but also as screen for professor and students to communicate. The screen has three modes: grey-toned for privacy, transparent while communicating and a monitor mode for working.