Tectonic Transparency

Team 1930

By Katherine Poletti, B.Arch '21; Katie Hayes B.Arch ’21; Yiwei Lyu, B.Arch '21; Abriannah Aiken, B.Arch '21

Academic Level:

Faculty Mentor(s): Kim Coleman

Tectonic Transparency re-imagines the ground floor of Harris Hall, creating a new, innovative and safe learning environment for students to thrive in, which follows new CDC health code COVID-19 recommendations. To minimize contact between the buildings occupants, this proposal implements one way circulation, individual and group working/review pods, and outdoor model making stations. This project emphasizes positive mental health through the use of transparent materials and outdoor classrooms: students can still collaborate and create together, despite their separation. The project also creates more student job opportunities, and develops sustainable, reconfigurable pods which can be transformed into Tiny Homes, assuming the ephemerality of these crisis studio spaces.