Team 1927

By He Xinran, M.Arch '21; Chen Meiyi, M.Arch '21; Shu Xin, M.Arch '21

Academic Level:

Where should we go? Adjust our normal life and space in accordance with the speed of COVID-19? Or we could choose to leave a glimmer of possibility to back to our old days. The coronavirus has changed the usual life patterns with quarantines, social distance, and masks, while we still hope to keep the lively fluent characteristic of spaces in the school.

Tube^x is a gentle touch to the existing structures. It does not ask for renovation but simply steps to install and adapt by the assembly of sector pieces made by PVC pipes and magnets or tracks on the ground. In the meanwhile, the movable partitions and furniture along with fixed points or track on the floor keep the flexibility of the usage of spaces in studios and courtyards. The sector pieces can form a various arrangement of spaces at the same time to ensure the safety of students by adding the melt blown cloth in-between the pipes to filter virus.

When facing the new situation, instead of pushing ourselves completely away from normal, we hope to draw one step and still hold the old habits.