Veiled Rays

By Justin Wan

Veiled Rays performs as a city gateway, signifying the entrance into the neighborhood of Crenshaw, and linkage to connecting the two lots on site that is otherwise split up by traffic. Veiled Rays becomes a screen filtering the scenes and ambient noises from the bustling traffic surrounding the site, creating a pedestrian friendly oasis in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles. The urban gesture serves to accentuate the sense of a community that invites people into the main space.
Located at the back of the site are two residential buildings designed with the intent to provide affordable housing for local community in efforts to resist the effects of gentrification. Co-living spaces are added to the three wings of the complexes with interior green spaces at the corners acting as wellness zones for residents. The geometry of the complexes forms two courtyards, encouraging both pedestrians and residences to enjoy the shared outdoor space while strengthening the occupants’ sense of community and relationship with the Veiled Rays.