radical mixed-use

By Evan Ho, B.Arch '22; Polina Kulikova, B.Arch '22; Jacob Tennant, B.Arch '22

A (projective) graphic documentation of DTLA from 2021 to 2040:

During post-pandemic reoccupation of the city, Angelinos demand reform for an indifferent, lifeless downtown. Single-occupancy vehicles are entirely phased out; indigenous ecosystems again take root. An exuberant new circulation, ad hoc formal ‘spaghetti’, rejects the literal exclusive hierarchy of the tower, elevating the denizen’s vantage / relevance. The conversion of an empty office building into radically-mixed housing is the beginning of a wave of programmatic diversification created by and directly responding to the genuine needs of citizens. A ‘confetti’ of eccentric, human-scaled programs gradually emerges both within and without existing institutions. Communal resources and utility stations enable stability in the lives of the previously disenfranchised. Corner markets, fruit stands, cafes, restaurants, clean water stations, charging stations, experimental sensory rooms, art installations, bike storage, showers, and truly public restrooms, populate and energize the cityscape. People are attracted to and nourished by the diverse array of informal and formal economies — they love the confetti and the confetti loves them.