Pocket Park: local human utopia

By Victoria Dam, M.Arch '21; Hiu Ching Pinky Lam, M.Arch '21; Haodong Pan, M.Arch '21

Streets are at the heart of every community. These vital pathways not only get us from point A to B, but also creates spaces for public life to take place in its most rudimentary form.
Streets are dynamic and malleable, and should change with the pace of the community over time. In our project, we designed a prototype street block with the intention of creating a luscious green avenue of activity for the streets of Los Angeles.
Due to the current health situation, we observed several trends.

Many of the attractions located in Los Angeles are indoor and often cost is a barrier to entry. Our Pocket Park proposes us working with local Los Angeles groups and facilities to create a year-round accessible event space. These exhibitions draw on our intrinsic natures to be creative and have fun. Alongside, we propose to extend the Blue and Yellow Metro Line to bring more people to the space and to provide a safe space in Downtown Los Angeles by having an Bridge that acts as both a Metro Station and activity path.
Accessibility is important and have repurposed the existing Plaza space as a homeless shelter complete with services (mental health, shower, storage). Our project aims to design for everyone, for the collective good.