Destined DTLA

By Mel Lewis, M.Arch '21; Esra Daghestani, M.Arch '21; Yufan Xie '21

Downtown LA is evolving. With the landscape designed by the car, a rise of pedestrians, bicycles, and public transit, interest in public space was restored. And while Covid has resulted in many working from home instead of the offices, there is an opportunity to move away from a city designed for the car and evolve into a lively city focused on the human scale and well-being. By further developing a more accessible and safe public space, prioritizing health, using self-sustain systems, increasing connectivity, using existing structures to fulfill new program demands, ground floor facade reflecting cultural richness and implementing innovative circulation and transit, we can realize Downtown’s success. Through people, place, and space (in that order) it is our hope to form a home for the children of tomorrow that is not only seen but heard, felt and experienced through compassion.