2023 Blueprint Exhibition

USC Architecture presents “The Blueprint 2023”, an exhibition illustrating the dynamic work of graduate work produced by students and recent alumni in the graduate architecture, landscape, heritage conservation, and building science programs at the USC School of Architecture. The exhibition will highlight the various ways in which graduate students at USC Architecture are leveraging design, technology, and media to tackle the most pressing social, cultural, and environmental issues in the built environment.

The term “blueprint” exists as part of architectural culture, everyday culture, and urban culture. In architecture, the term was originally coined in 1842 to describe the reproduction of technical drawings or engineering drawings using a contact print process on light-sensitive sheets composed of white lines on a blue ground. As that process became the standard convention of the architectural profession, the term evolved to become the default term used to describe the architectural drawing or drawing sets. The term has since evolved to become a part of everyday English vernacular language and what was once understood as the industry standard for the transmission of architectural & technical documents is now generally understood as a term used to describe a strategy or plan for achieving success. 

“The Blueprint 2023” is an exhibition of various forms of architectural representation, including drawings, images, media, artifacts, and positions/polemics/problems that serve as “The Blueprint” for leveraging design, technology, and media to engage emerging social, cultural, technological and environmental issues in the future of our built environment.