Biodegradable Communities

By Kennedy Wells

In the past, architecture created buildings under the assumption that they will last in theory forever. This idea has led to creating buildings that materially last a long time but societally need to be destroyed to make way for new types of architecture. By the end of their life, they are basically large, organized liter piles that can only be put into landfills. But by considering life cycles of materials, we can start constructing buildings that can be easily deconstructed, reused, and biodegraded. This will also allow for a technological update that would have been harder to do in the past. As technology innovates faster and faster, the architectural construction process has not kept up. This creates outdated building the minute they are built. Architecture needs to be more adaptable to new innovations. By using wood and Mycelium prefabricated components, we can create adaptable buildings that can update with our ever-changing technology and societal needs.